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March 8, 2024

Winston’s Weekly: Economic data releases impact on A-REITs

The following transcript has been AI generated: Manny Anton: Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Winston’s Weekly, covering all things property. I am Manny Anton your host for today’s property chat. Winston, welcome back. Winston Sammut: Thank you. Manny Anton: Okay, So, Winston, why don’t we start with an update on this week’s

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China’s commodity appetite

Once again, China’s appetite for major commodities clashes with the uneven health of the country’s massive manufacturing sector. Deflation still grips manufacturing, with producer prices down for over 14 consecutive months. Consumer prices also face deflation, though there’s potential for improvement in upcoming data. Despite these challenges, recent commodity import data from China’s Customs Administration

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Banks navigate economic challenges

Numerous financial commentators, both within and outside the markets, persist in warning about potential risks to Australia’s banks from bad debts, particularly concerning home loans and commercial property. Despite the incessant chatter, the latest updates from the four major banks, including the Commonwealth’s interim report, show no indication of an imminent explosion in bad debts

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