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Brisbane’s Evos Energy and Ampol join forces for EVcharging revolution

Prominent electric vehicle charging company based in Brisbane, EVOS Energy, has generated significant buzz in the market with a game-changing partnership. The company recently inked a major deal with fuel giant Ampol, marking a pivotal step in the transition towards electric mobility in Australia. As traditional fuel companies, like Ampol, set their sights on a future driven by electric power rather than petrol, this collaboration demonstrates the growing significance of EV charging infrastructure in the automotive landscape.

The deal centres around EVOS Energy’s latest innovation: a cutting-edge home EV charger, which addresses one of the key challenges in the widespread adoption of electric cars. While the cost of electric vehicles continues to decrease, many potential buyers face difficulties in charging their cars at home, especially those residing in older apartment blocks not originally designed for electric charging.

The introduction of EVOS’ new home charger through Ampol’s e-commerce platform promises to ease this dilemma, opening up opportunities for EV owners across Australia. This move comes at a crucial time, with cheaper electric cars becoming more accessible in the market.

Founded only two years ago, EVOS Energy has made impressive strides, starting with the production of its first charger designed for fleet operators in 2021, supported by an initial capital raising of $1.7 million. The company’s momentum has continued to build, culminating in a recent infusion of $5 million in new capital to propel the launch of its home-based charger.

Marcelo Salgado, the CEO and co-founder of EVOS Energy, emphasises the charger’s efficiency, capable of adding 35km of range every hour of charging time, perfectly suited to meet daily driving needs. He stresses the importance of ease of installation and monitoring, along with cost management amid concerns over rising energy prices.

The company’s commitment to local production is commendable, with all EVOS products designed and manufactured in Brisbane. This commitment not only bolsters the local economy but also positions the company for expansion into international markets. Salgado reveals that EVOS Energy now employs 22 people and has set its sights on exporting its technology to the US and Europe.

While the electric vehicle revolution gains momentum, experts point out that the issue of energy remains a critical challenge. Ross De Rango, head of energy and infrastructure at the Electric Vehicle Council, highlights the complexities associated with upgrading electrical hardware and installing charging points in older apartment complexes. With approximately 1.3 million flats and apartments in Australia, the scale of this challenge is immense, requiring considerable investment.

According to De Rango, the cost of electrical work for EV charging installations in apartment complexes could range from $1000 to $2000 per dwelling, leading to a multibillion-dollar expenditure to enable widespread EV charging in such environments.

The collaboration between EVOS Energy and Ampol represents a significant stride towards a more electrified future, providing a vital solution for charging electric vehicles at home. As EV adoption continues to accelerate, overcoming challenges related to charging infrastructure becomes essential to facilitate the smooth transition to electric mobility across Australia and beyond.