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Gina Rinehart makes inroads into British beef market with Australia-UK free trade deal

Australian billionaire businesswoman Gina Rinehart, through Hancock Agriculture (ASX:HAN), has seized the opportunity presented by the recently signed Australia-UK free trade deal to enter the British beef market.

Rinehart introduced her premium beef products, including the renowned wagyu product called 2GR, from Hancock Agriculture and three new high-quality meats from S. Kidman farms (ASX:KID).

Emphasising the welfare of the animals, the superior quality, and the detailed provenance of the meat, Rinehart showcased her offerings to a diverse audience consisting of distributors, top chefs, butchers, high-end department stores, and Australian diplomats at the prestigious Meat and Wine Co restaurant in Mayfair.

Expressing her excitement at being the first to promote Australian produce in England following the free trade agreement, Rinehart also expressed hope for the execution of a free-trade agreement with the European Union to reduce red tape and regulatory burdens.

Highlighting the welfare practices implemented at Hancock Agriculture, Rinehart emphasised that “happy, healthy cattle are the best cattle.” Drawing on her own upbringing on stations in the Pilbara and her family’s longstanding relationship with cattle, Rinehart stressed the positive impact of minimising stress on the meat, making it more tender. The meat is also hormone-free, addressing a key concern of British consumers.

Hancock Agriculture CEO Adam Giles shared the company’s commitment to animal welfare, explaining that a multimillion-dollar plan had been approved to install shade over every water trough on the farms. This ensures that the cattle’s drinking water remains cool, reducing bacteria and providing a healthier environment for the animals. Giles also highlighted the company’s comprehensive approach, including sprinklers in the mustering yards, additional shade in the paddocks, and special scratching poles to prevent cattle from causing sore spots on the meat.

With the free trade deal opening up new opportunities, the 2GR premium meat product, already exported to 21 countries, will now be followed by the top S. Kidman brands, leveraging the base herd of Santa Gertrudis cattle. The company has been preparing for this moment by recalibrating feed programs to scale up existing exports and ensure a consistent supply.

What sets Hancock and S. Kidman companies apart is their holistic approach, as they not only breed the animals but also have their own farms to cultivate the feed, including cotton, sorghum, and barley. This level of control allows them to provide detailed information about the origin, feed ration, and specific farms associated with each animal, ensuring transparency and building a narrative that can be shared with consumers.

The new products entering the British market include Kidman 120 Day Grain Fed Santa Gertrudis, Kidman Premium 180 Day Grain Fed marble score 2-3, and Kidman Platinum 360 Day Grain Fed marble score 4-5+. All meats meet European Union quality standards and are hormone growth proponent-free.

Gina Rinehart’s entry into the British beef market through Hancock Agriculture marks a significant milestone in the Australia-UK free trade agreement, showcasing the potential for increased agricultural trade and highlighting the superior quality of Australian beef products.