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Immutep granted US patent

Immutep Limited (ASX:IMM), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on LAG-3 immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases, has received a new patent from the United States Patent Office.

The patent grants Immutep exclusive rights to its innovative product candidate IMP761.

Designed as a first-in-class agonist LAG-3 antibody, IMP761 aims to address the root cause of autoimmune diseases by directly silencing self-antigen-specific effector T cells.

The composition-of-matter claims covered by the patent provide Immutep with intellectual property protection for IMP761. The patent is owned by Immutep S.A.S. and is valid until February 22, 2037, including a patent term adjustment of 174 days. This recent grant follows the company’s success in obtaining equivalent patents in Japan in July 2022 and in Europe in October 2020, further strengthening Immutep’s global intellectual property portfolio.

In response, Immutep CSO, Dr Frédéric Triebel, said: “We have been making good progress in advancing IMP761 towards potential first-in-human clinical testing. In particular, we developed a 200L GMP-compliant manufacturing process in collaboration with our colleagues at Northway Biotech late last year, and more recently selected Charles River Laboratories to conduct a GLP toxicology study, a key step prior to first-in-human trials. In tandem, we continue to build our patent estate around this first-in-class drug candidate in key markets globally.”

By securing this patent, Immutep reinforces its position as a leader in LAG-3 immunotherapies. IMP761 has shown promising potential as an immunosuppressive product candidate, and the patent ensures that Immutep maintains exclusive rights to develop and commercialise this innovative treatment.

The company aims to leverage IMP761’s unique mechanism of action to provide targeted and effective therapies for autoimmune diseases.

In addition to the composition-of-matter claims, Immutep has also filed a divisional application to expand the scope of its patent to cover methods of treating T-cell mediated immune disorders. This includes conditions such as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, by administering IMP761. By pursuing these claims, Immutep aims to broaden the potential applications of its product candidate and explore its therapeutic benefits in various immune-related disorders.

Receiving the United States patent for IMP761 represents a significant milestone for Immutep. The granted patent provides strong intellectual property protection, allowing the company to advance its clinical development and commercialisation efforts with confidence. Immutep’s focus on LAG-3 immunotherapies demonstrates its commitment to addressing unmet medical needs and improving patient outcomes in the field of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

As Immutep continues to make strides in its research and development programs, the granted patent for IMP761 serves as recognition of the company’s scientific innovation and potential to bring transformative treatments to patients.

With its expanding global patent portfolio, Immutep is well-positioned to advance the development of novel immunotherapies and make a significant impact in the field of oncology and autoimmune disorders.