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Linius deploys Whizzard 2.0 in partnership with IMG Video Archive

Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) has achieved a significant milestone by deploying its advanced video product, Whizzard 2.0, in collaboration with IMG, the global sports and media conglomerate. This strategic move positions Linius at the forefront of the video market.

Whizzard 2.0: A Game-Changing Innovation

Whizzard 2.0, introduced by Linius, represents a noteworthy innovation in the sports video market. It offers cutting-edge video search, curation, and playout capabilities, setting a new standard for accessing and utilizing extensive video archives.

IMG: A Dominant Force in Sports and Media

IMG, formerly known as International Management Group, is a renowned global entity headquartered in New York, forming part of the NYSE-listed Endeavor Group Holdings, Inc. IMG’s Video Archive holds a vast collection of sports content from prestigious federations including the Premier League, Wimbledon, PGA, The Open (R&A), World Rugby, ISU Ice Skating, Giro D’Italia, Frank Warren Boxing, MotoGP, and others.

Enhanced User Experience with Whizzard

Linius Whizzard now serves as IMG Video Archive’s advanced search feature, enabling users to swiftly locate precise moments within an extensive archive comprising over 33,000 videos, 50,000 hours of content, and more than 6 million identified video segments. Through a natural language search bar and dynamic filtering, users can efficiently pinpoint specific moments, a task previously characterized as challenging or time-consuming. Whizzard also offers content recommendations, enhancing user engagement and content discovery. Additionally, IMG can utilize Whizzard to curate and promote specific content.

Implications for Linius

The deployment of Whizzard with IMG Video Archive holds several notable implications for Linius:
Revenue Generation: With the service now operational, Linius has initiated invoicing for setup fees and expects to generate recurring revenue.Industry Recognition: Linius Whizzard is now showcased with a prominent global client, IMG, bringing heightened industry attention.Opportunity Acceleration: Linius can explore further opportunities within IMG and Endeavor Group, as well as with the federations associated with the IMG Video Archive.Global Credibility: This deployment bolsters Linius’ credibility within the realm of sports organizations, garnering global attention.In response, CEO James Brennan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a transformative moment for Linius. Whizzard 2.0, now operational within the IMG Video Archive, underscores the potency and distinctiveness of Linius solutions in the market.”

The Road Ahead

With the service now live, Linius is well-positioned to explore immediate opportunities, including extensions with IMG Video Archive, collaborations with federation customers, and strategic partnerships within the IMG/Endeavor organization. This milestone amplifies the transformative potential of Linius Media Solutions, promising to expedite the company’s broader business development endeavors.

Witness the Innovation

For those interested in experiencing this milestone firsthand, Linius will be conducting a comprehensive demonstration during their virtual conference:

Event: Linius Technologies – Virtual Conference
Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Time: 12:00 noon AEDT
Location: Zoom Webinar (Registration details available here: Webinar Registration)