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Trump faces financial pressure amid legal challenges

Former President Donald Trump finds himself in a precarious financial position as he confronts mounting legal challenges. The latest setback stems from a New York fraud case, where he has been ordered to pay a substantial $US454 million civil penalty to the New York State Attorney General.

Efforts to halt the collection of this sizable sum have proven unsuccessful for Trump. A New York appellate judge recently rejected his request to post a $US100 million bond, ruling that he must cover the full amount to stop the enforcement of the judgment.

Judge Anil Singh, overseeing the case, mandated that Trump post the entire bond, effectively pausing the collection process, which accrues a daily interest bill of over $111,000. This decision adds to Trump’s financial burdens, as he and his co-defendants, including his two sons and a former executive, now owe more than $465 million to the state.

With a looming deadline, Trump’s options are narrowing. He must secure a stay—a legal mechanism that would temporarily halt collection while he appeals—by March 25, or face the prospect of paying the monetary penalty or risking asset seizures.

Trump’s financial challenges extend beyond the fraud case. He also faces a significant settlement stemming from accusations of sexual assault, with a court ordering him to pay $US83.3 million to writer E. Jean Carroll for damaging her reputation.

Combined, these legal liabilities amount to more than $US542 million. While Trump’s various campaign committees and fundraising bodies have contributed approximately $US57 million to cover legal costs, the funding for his ongoing legal battles remains uncertain.

Failure to overturn these judgments could result in tens of millions of dollars in additional legal expenses for Trump. As the legal battles intensify, scrutiny over his financial standing grows, revealing a reality that contrasts with his claims of wealth and success.